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Is Amazon A Worthy Investment In 2019? Here's why the American giant may remain king of the markets!

After the black Wednesday of world stock exchanges, everyone wondered if it was still worth investing in tech giants. Names like Apple and Facebook lost up to 30% of their value, but Amazon resisted and, after a brief decline, has resumed its rise. Amazon stock value is now more accessible to investors and retains its infinite earning potential.

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Why are Amazon stocks such a good product to invest in?

Jeff Bezos' company is extremely versatile.

Amazon is not only high-tech, but provides e-commerce, sales, and a video platform.

This diversity is the strength of Amazon - even in times of crisis. An example was Black Wednesday from the stock exchanges, where the value of Amazon's high-tech component fell - but the e-commerce (increases in online sales on Black Friday/Cyber Monday) and retail (through the Amazon Go launch), increased simultaneously, which saved Amazon from the abyss that hit Apple and Facebook. Forecasts for 2019 give Amazon a jump, given 2018's success in the e-commerce industry, Amazon Prime, Amazon Go, and Prime Video 1 Launches.

It is a great opportunity for investors, because now that Amazon shares are cheaper, it's easier to invest in them.

Chart 1 - Amazon stock performance in early 2019 (4)

Positive aspects of investing in Amazon stocks and future profitability (3)

Why Amazon is an attractive investment:

1) It has a great reputation in markets around the world

2) A world leader, now more than proven, in electronic commerce

3) Logistics management worthy of a Guiness award, with average delivery times of 1-3 days

4) Continuous launches of new products and services such as Prime and Go.

All of this forms the cornerstones of the Bezos' company success.

Earning forecasts for an investment in Amazon remain unchanged, at around $634,000 in 3 years 5.

Therefore, investing in Amazon stocks in 2019 is recommended!

The regulated online investment platform makes Amazon shares available to you (to invest online you must be over 18 years of age).

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To invest in Amazon you must be at least 18 years old. Minimum capital required: 200 euro.

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